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Capital Priprutya and the city resort. The municipality, the center of the Cahul district, is located in the south of Moldova, and the village of Kotikhan is also part of the city. The first mention of the settlement was dated 1502, the city itself was founded in 1835. Since 1978, the resort sanatorium Nufarul Alb has been operating in the city, which was discovered as a result of the discovery of warm hydrogen sulfide chloride-sodium mineral water, suitable for the treatment of various diseases. Of the sights and architectural monuments, worthy of special attention, the functioning Cathedral of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, built in 1850. Borders with cities: to the north Cantemir, to the northeast Kongaz, Ceadir Lunga, to the east Taraclia, southeast Vulcanesti, to the south (Reni - Ukraine), to the west (Oancha village - Romania). Taxi Cahul is a fast car delivery and the highest level of professionalism of drivers, call and order at any time.

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